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You Eat That?
- Burgers and fries, burgers and fries

You think the bad guy is the only enemy out on the streets? You’re wrong. The drive-thru is a slow killer that sucks you in daily and then unleashes a horrible punishment called a "gut". Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. If you’ve been in a cruiser for more than 5 years most likely you are sporting one right now. It may be small and it may be big, but the bottom line – it’s there.

The gut has an friend called a "bullet proof vest". Just like people, because they spend long periods of times together they fight quite a bit. You see, the gut wants to go everywhere, the vest says "NO!". The vest sometimes has to get nasty with the gut by holding the gut down against your belt… you may feel a pinch as a result.

I’m joking around but the truth is serious. The more junk you eat on the street the bigger your chances of developing a heart condition. – and you don’t want that. Not only is sporting a gut uncomfortable and dangerous, it doesn’t look good (I’m looking at mine right now… it doesn’t look good at all).

What can you do about it?

First step: every department has a 6’5" 280lbs officer who spends all of his time off in the gym. Get together with him (or her) and write down a work-out program. Just as you clean you gun and attend briefing every day, stick to your work-out program. You will see a change.

Second step: avoid the drive-thru. Actually, avoid fast food period. Take an extra 20 minutes before you leave for work and throw in a couple of turkey sandwiches (no mayo), two apples, and orange and some saltine crackers. If you must stop by a fast food joint, grab a chicken sandwich with no mayonnaise and absolutely NO FRIES!… take a small salad with low fat dressing instead.

To find out just how much fat is in your junk food, swing by for the latest numbers.

- DonutCop

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