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Officer Survival
- Threat from the net

Forget for a moment about the threat to your life when you're on a call. Take yourself away from a dangerous situation where some guy is thinking of taking your gun before going to jail. The thought of killing a cop may sometimes enter into a suspect's head as a split second decision out of desperation. As dangerous as this situation may be, the real danger exists with the ones who are in advance, methodically planning to hurt us.

Anti police web sites are growing at an alarming rate. Those who post such sites are either upset with us over what they perceive as injustice, bad treatment and harassment or are a part of a hate group targeting us as well as others.

Bitching about being stopped by the police is one thing, but advocating a war against police officers is outright absurd and very disturbing. I recently visited a website where the owner of the site (who identifies himself fully even with a photo) is offering $1000 for anyone who kills a cop engaged in what he describes is oppressive activities. You can view the web site at but be aware that it contains some very explicit language.... what else can you expect from an idiot like that?

Officer survival also applies to maintaining your home and taking care of your family. We all know that citizen's complaints, whether warranted or not - cause stress, effect the way we work and if serious enough, may result in termination. A new organization called the Police Complaint Center is helping people file complaints against officers through a web page. You can visit the site at: The site also has photos of officers the organization deems bad and encourages people to file complaints against them.

To protect yourself, start venturing into these sites and educate yourself about these people just as you do with dopers and gang members. These people want your job, they want to destroy you. Do not let them accomplish this task. Most important, be careful next time someone wants to snap a flick of you or put you on tape... you never know where it will end up. Funny thing is when a dude like the one pictured here busts their bedroom window at 2am, the first people they call is us.

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