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- Hudson Police Department, New Hampshire

"Justice" was formed in January of 1995. The group's objective was to only play one concert at a junior high school in order to help raise money for the Special Olympics. The group's one night stand turned into a very good band that has since played for upwards of 10,000 students from Maine to Massachusetts.

"Justice" tries to communicate with kids through music about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. So far, "Justice" has been a great success. The band plays a wide variety of songs appealing to all ages with tunes from the 60's to the 90's.

The band members pictured here (from left to right) Chuck Gilbert, Doug Dubuque, Lieutenant Ray Mello and Chuck Dyac use their free time to hold practice sessions and many performances. Chief Richard E. Gendron is the band's biggest fan and supporter, allowing the band to travel and practice when there is sufficient shift coverage.

You can contact the band by calling (603)886-601. Ask for Lt. Mello or Ofc. Gilbert.

Listen to "Justice" (coming soon)

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