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- New York, NY

Hollow was formed in the winter of 1994 by several chance meetings of five of New York's heaviest musicians. Influences range from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Kiss to Tool, Pantera and Metallica. Although Hollow has their influences, they sound like no other.

Pictured from left to right are Chris Bickham (Guitar), Adam Waxman (guitar), Mark Roesler (vocals), Tony Ferrante (drums) & Tommy DiStasi (bass). Adam Waxman has been an officer with the NYPD since 1994. He is currently assigned to a patrol beat in Queens. Adam has been playing guitar since he was 13 years old.

Hollow was chosen "Best unsigned Band by the Foundation's Forum 1996. In that same year Hollow was selected to play at the National Musicians Showcase. This consisted of a live performance at "The Palace" in Hollywood, CA. The performance resulted in a positive response from both industry and non-industry people alike.
Hollow was then invited back for a repeat performance at the Foundation's Forum 1997. Most recently Hollow's growing fan base voted them best local band of 1997 on 90.3 WHPC. Hollow was even used as a bumper on the nationally syndicated "Howard Stern" show.

Since then, the band has been gaining momentum playing select clubs in New York City. Hollow is consistently in the top three most requested on WHPC each week. Hollow has just finished recording a 7 song EP that is now available in record stores in the NYC/LI area. Hollow plans to continue playing in the NYC/LI area, and will shop their EP for a possible record deal. For show schedule and other information, visit the band's web site at or dial up the hotline at (212)252-2765

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