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- Will there ever be an end?

How many more time will we hear "suspect is a male, shaved head, wearing a white t-shirt, baggy pants and sneakers"? It's become a daily deal... we can describe the suspects before the broadcast even comes out. We know for a fact that all street gangs are involved in some kind of criminal activity. From petty theft and grand theft auto to more serious crimes such as drive by shootings, armed robberies and murder, we have identified the source of a large % of crime on our country. Why the hell are we not actively working on eliminating these guys?

When I joined Law Enforcement, I thought part of our job was to eliminate the gang problem and put these thugs out of circulation (by the I mean away from society, not from the earth). Years later, I now know that our jobs is to take the reports from gang crime victims and that's about it. The fault spans across several fronts. Mom and Dad of dear gang member, where are you? when are you going to stop saying "it's just a the clothing style these days"? I strongly believe that the parents of a minor gang member still living at home should be criminally held responsible for all of their son/daughter's action.

Next, (you knew this was coming) our criminal justice system... yeah yeah I know, it's full and overloaded, understaffed etc. So what? Start telling this to every victim of a crime and soon enough pressure will start to come down on the politicians.

Another contributor to this situation are the civil right organizations who make it a point to protect the heck out of these "great contributors to society". I am not speaking against constitutional rights but some of these organization go to battle for these thugs, defending them from any legislation which will make it easier for us to curve this never-ending problem

We hear about gang violence every day on the news. Much more than we hear about gang sweeps, arrests and convictions. It gets frustrating to see the people who are prayed upon by these cowards who have no respect for life, property and the law. Being a gang member should be against the law. Being an associate should be against the law. With numbers of gang members growing rapidly, we are headed towards a generation full of crime, full of victims and lots of hopelessness.


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