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This Bozo criminal violated Bozo Rule number 5554: Be very careful who you take your road rage out on.
>From Murray City, Ohio comes the story of Steven Frees who became irritated at the way another motorist was driving. He pulled alongside and motioned for the motorist to pull over, which he did. Our bozo then walked up to the car and punched the offending motorist in the mouth. Bad idea. The man he punched was the Murray City assistant chief of police who arrested him on the spot for assault.

This Bozo Criminals story come from Lafayette, Indiana where police were called to a fast food restaurant to check out a problem in the drive thru. It seems Bozos Michelle Phebus and her husband Tony had spent an evening partying heartily and had come down with a severe case of the munchies. So they drove to a burger joint, ordered a sack of burgers to go and proceeded to pull around. However, somehow, on the way to the pick up window, they fell asleep. Officers arrived to find two sleepy head bozos and a brick of marijuana that never quite made it to the pick-up window.

No Foolin'!) This Bozo Criminal might have never made the bozo rap sheet if he had only owned a drill. Bozo Joseph Aaron was charged with reckless use of a firearm after he admitted himself to the hospital in Wesley Chapel, Florida with a gunshot wound to the leg. It seems our Bozo was installing a new tail pipe on his car. He needed to bore a hole in the pipe to mount it and since he had no drill he decided he would simply shoot a hole in the tailpipe with his trusty hand gun. Bad idea. The bullet ricocheted off the pipe and lodged in the Bozo's leg.

This Bozo Criminal comes from Memphis, Tennessee where 18 year old Brandon Hughes appeared in court on a minor charge of driving with a suspended driver's license. He walked up to the stand with his hand in his pocket and when he took it out to place it on the bible, a little plastic bag of white powder fell out. Yep, it was cocaine, right there in front of the judge, the sheriff and several deputies. The most the Bozo would have received for the auto violation was a fine. He's now looking at 12 years.

This Bozo Criminal comes from Victoria, Texas where Bozo Janet Stewart had a flat tire. Not knowing how to change it herself, she called 911 from her cell phone and the police stopped by to help her fix it. When the officers opened the trunk to look for the jack, they instead found 118 pounds of marijuana. The Bozo said she thought the police would bring their own jack and wouldn't have to look in the trunk.

More bozos next month!
Bozo stories provided by
Dave Moreland's Bozo Criminals

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