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The New Crown Vic -
Say goodbye to the old model

Well it's about time - America's most popular police unit has undergone a style change. The 1998 Crown Victoria is more contemporary, looks bigger and resembles a mix between a Lincoln, Mercedes and the old style Crown Victoria.

Changes include new bumpers, headlights, tail lights, grill and hood areas as well as larger breaks (thank god) and larger 16" standard wheels. The 1998 model is equipped with the new krypton headlight bulbs for a brighter illumination.

The interior does not seem like it has changed at all. Same seats, same dash board. Still roomy... but far away from the good ol' Chevy Caprice.

Listed below are the essential details for all you car freaks out there. If you get a chance to drive one of these, please write to us and give us your opinion about it.

  • Drivetrain
    Rear-wheel drive

  • Engine
    4.6-liter V8 with fail-safe cooling

  • Induction system
    Sequential electronic fuel injection
    and EEC-V computer

  • Tune-up interval
    100,000 miles (under normal
    driving conditions with routine fluid
    and filter changes)

  • Transmission
    Electronic 4-speed automatic

  • Fuel capacity
    19 gallons

  • Horsepower, SAE net
    200 @ 4,250 rpm

  • Torque, SAE net
    275 @ 3,000 rpm

  • Battery
    72-amp maintenance-free

  • Alternator

  • Body construction

  • Front suspension
    Short/long arm (SLA) with
    stabilizer bar

  • Rear suspension
    Watt’s linkage design with
    stabilizer bar

  • Steering
    Power, speed-sensitive,

  • Brakes
    Power 4-wheel disc (standard);
    anti-lock brake system (optional)
    with electronic, all-speed traction

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