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"Cops" in Concert - Riverside, CA

"Cops" in Concert is a musical group that originated in Riverside, CA in 1981, when two Riverside Police Officers, Scott Olsen and Jerry Carroll, got together to perform, a musical act for their fellow officers at a police awards banquet. Scott provided the lead vocals, and Jerry the comedy relief. The act was so popular they expanded the group and performed a series of concerts in the Riverside area to raise money for a police memorial, honoring officers killed in the line of duty. Ten thousand dollars was raised by the group and the memorial statue was commissioned. It now stands in front of the Riverside Police Department.

As the group continued to perform throughout Southern California over the next 10 years, Scott's energies were directed toward the recording studio where he produced the group's first single ("I Fought the Law"), and formed his own musical production and publishing companies. Jerry continued to pursue his "comedy" career and is now the Chief of Police at the Riverside Police Department. Scott has a musical background, and since he was sixteen has performed with Rock and Country bands. He also spent three years as a disc-jockey in the midwest before heading for California. Scott Olsen is a motorcycle officer in Riverside California.

Dave Stewart came to the "Cops" group in 1986 as a guitarist. Being a very talented musician and song writer, he joined Scott in the studio. They have since worked together on a variety of projects, recording over 40 songs together. Robby Olsen grew up with "Cops" in Concert, and was only four years old when the group formed. By eighteen years old, he was an accomplished drummer and soon joined his dad in the studio. Corey Olsen, Scott's older brother - a very talented musician - was brought in to play keyboards and create the albums orchestral arrangements.

The band's latest album was created around the title song, "Knockin' on Heaven's Door," which was recorded as a musical memorial to all police officers killed in the line of duty.

LIsten to "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"

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