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-- Wearing baggy pants below the waist is a fashion statement for some young people. To authorities in this southern Louisiana town, however, it can be a crime.

The Opelousas Police Department this week began citing young men who
townspeople complain are taking the fashion trend too far.

Many teens wear saggy pants that expose the top of their underwear near
the waist, according to police. But some are dropping their pants so low that most of their underwear shows, Police Chief Larry Caillier said.

At least three people had been cited this week for indecent exposure, a charge that carries a maximum six months in jail or $500 fine.

"The decent people have gotten fed up with the guys who are doing this for no other reason as to be sexually explicit," Caillier said.

City Judge Kenneth Boagni said he will discipline the offenders on a case-by-case basis. Some may get off with nothing more than community service.

Some teens defended their right wear saggy pants.

"It's not indecent exposure just because somebody wants to wear their pants like that," said Neil Costello, 15, of New Orleans. "Maybe you can see their underwear and that's it."

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