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Last week I started teaching criminal justice at a local high school. Working as a full time police officer, my intention was to bring knowledge and experience to the students in my class. After a week of working with these so called 12th grade students, I am upset, concerned and mad at the way we have let our teaching standards fall down to a sub zero level.

In a week, I have seen blatant disrespect to the law, to police and to authority by a group of 32 seniors. I have seen pressure from the school administration to "go easy" when assigning homework. I have seen personal biographies with NO sentence structure, spelling errors on simple words and slang used in every other sentence.

I put myself as a boss trying to hire these guys and soon I realized that the group in front of me would grow up to be thugs working for $6 and hour at some local warehouse or grocery store. If they have not joined a street thug crew yet, they most likely will once they realize they do not have what it takes to buy a house, own a car and raise a family.

I though about how a school’s administration can stoop so low and let these people graduate. My children will grow up with this group of students who I am sure represent a huge part of our nation’s teen population.

All I can tell you is that I have seen it in person and I am convinced that we are headed towards a generation of thugs. A generation of growing criminal activity, increased gang participation and growing disrespect to law and order.

I am in my forties now and may see the beginning of the end of civilized life, as we know it. I am fearful for my three well-educated middle class children. Will they be victims of a drive by, a car jacking, a robbery? The likelihood is getting greater.

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